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Semin in Ghana

Publié le 01 mars 2022

Développement du groupe

Our first trip to Ghana was in February 2018. We arrived at that time without any real knowledge of the market or any survey on the volumes of plasterboards sold in the country. However, we had a number of contacts collected on the internet and via our network, and above all we wanted to strengthen our presence in the region, where we have been present for several years.

This first trip, marked by sweat and sand, allowed us to meet the biggest players in the plasterboard and paint sector, map the distribution network, and identify major projects underway. The distribution market in Ghana is more structured than in neighbouring countries, and the use of plasterboards is more widespread in small/medium sized projects. It was also an opportunity to meet our future partner for the first time, and to experience a first refusal to collaborate.

On the strength of this initial information, but without any real opening in terms of business, the following year was nevertheless marked by several new trips to finally trigger the long-awaited account creation.

In mid-2019, after 4 visits to prove our determination and long discussions about our product mix and market possibilities, we finally reached an agreement with our current partner, INSTALLATION SPECIALIST. The UFF, a new product designed from the ground up to meet the needs of this market, was debuted.

A few months into our cooperation, we had the opportunity to show France to our new business partner on the occasion of the BATIMAT trade fair, which allowed us to present our production sites, our training centre, and our entire range of products. These exchanges between Ghana and France have enabled us to strengthen our commercial ties and ensure the durability of our relationship.

INSTALLATION SPECIALIST, the real driving force behind our presence in the area, is proactive in developing an offer that evolves in line with the very dynamic Ghanaian market.

Initially focused on UFF, the product portfolio was quickly expanded to include new coatings (some specific to this market), fixing accessories and access hatches. Although the volumes were already quite impressive at the beginning of the partnership, they have grown along with the diversity of the range in order to meet the local demand, and today we have a monthly production programme specific to our partner.

Our market presence and ambitions are now rooted in the strength of our relationship with our partner and the mutual trust with which we move forward, despite an extremely tense international context.

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Développement du groupe


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Développement du groupe


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